WordPress Installation Service

Ready to launch a new WordPress website? Our fix expert specialists can help make things a little easier!

Installation Process

We’ll get your new website launched in 3 easy steps

  • Contact
    1. Contact

    Send us your theme files and a project brief on what you’d like done.

  • Review
    2. Review

    Your requests will be reviewed and we’ll send you a quote for the work.

  • Launch
    3. Launch

    Upon approval, our fix expert specialists will work on your website!

About the Wordpress Installation Service

Let’s collaborate and create your dream WordPress website for your business.

Install WordPress

Install WordPress

The first step is to install WordPress - the world’s #1 content management system - with your preferred hosting provider. Typically, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to set up WordPress.

Upload Your Theme

Upload Your Theme

Upon Wordpress installation, the next task is to set up the theme you purchased. Most of the time, your theme developer will have created a demo website, our job will be to create an exact copy for you.

Install Plugins

Install Plugins

WordPress and your theme are by complimented by plugins. A plugin adds functionality to your website. We will help you install the most important ones as well as any plugin that you request.

Optimize Your Site

Optimize Your Site

Our installation service goes one step further! We will optimize your website for better SEO, security and load time in an effort to improve your website's user experience.

Upload Your Content

Upload Your Content

At this point in the installation process, you will have a beautiful website. Naturally, you can upload your content by visiting your website's admin area, alternatively, we would be happy to do it for you. Quoted separately.

Customize Your Theme

Customize Your Theme

If you like to make some small changes to your theme like changing the fonts, colors, slider or maybe even add a new exciting feature. Our customization service is just what you need. Quoted separately.


How long do you need install my site?

Once we have processed your order, we'll need between one to two days to complete the task!

Can you install any theme?

Can I use any hosting company?

What's included in the $79 installation package?

Can you help me create new pages?

Can you help me upload my content?

Can you customize my theme and make small changes?

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