WordPress Website Migration Service

Our fix experts will safely transfer your WordPress website with minimum downtime.

Migration Process

Get your website quickly transferred in 3 easy steps

  • Website Backup
    1. Website Backup

    We'll conduct a full backup of your website for safety.

  • Transfer
    2. Transfer

    Your website gets migrated to its new hosting server.

  • Configure
    3. Configure

    We'll ensure the process is smooth and your website works perfectly.

About the Service

Let’s work together to make sure your WordPress website is transferred to its new home quickly and safely.

Backup Your Website

Backup Your Website

Before we do anything, we’ll create a backup of your current Wordpress installation including the core, theme, plugin files and database records.

Perform Website Transfer

Perform Website Transfer

Once your website is completely backed up, we’ll begin the migration process by transferring your files and database to your new hosting provider.

Update DNS Records

Update DNS Records

Soon after uploading your website files and importing your database, our next step is to update your DNS settings so that your domain name is pointing to your new hosting provider.

Domain Reconfiguration

Domain Reconfiguration

If you’re using the same domain name for your newly transferred website, reconfiguring it to work with your new hosting provider is quick and easy. Of course, rebranding by using an entirely new domain name involves a little extra work! Our fix experts are experienced and ready to get your new website up and running in no time.


How much downtime will my website experience during the migration process?

Our goal is to minimize downtime as much as possible. We can’t give an accurate estimate of how much your website will experience, but can inform you that your downtime depends on how long your domain's DNS needs to propagate. This could take anywhere between 24-48 hours depending on where you are in the world.

That being said, we suggest scheduling a transfer when your website is least active. We’ll work with you to identify when would be a good time to migrate your site.

What about my email addresses?

Can I change my domain name while making a website migration?

Can my website be transferred to any hosting provider?

What information do you need to get started?

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