WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We’ll help boost website speed, improve user experience and generate better SEO rankings!

Website Optimization Process

Get your website speed performance enhanced in 3 easy steps.

  • Review
    1. Review

    We'll assess your website’s current performance rankings to identify enhancement opportunities.

  • Re-configure
    2. Re-configure

    We'll make configurations to optimize your website's images, content, database and other files.

  • Re-launch
    3. Re-launch

    You and your visitors will enjoy a faster website and improved user experience.

About the Website Speed Optimization Service

With the help of our fix experts, we’ll optimize your WordPress website and your theme to improve your site’s performance and user experience.

Review Your Website

Review Your Website

The first thing we’ll do is review your website and how it currently runs in terms of speed. During this step, we’ll run a couple of page speed tests to identify what causes slow page loads and notify what conversions need to be made to have your website running at its best.

Optimize Website Database

Optimize Website Database

In order to have faster response times for your website, the backend, mainly your database, needs to run lean. Over the course of time, databases can become swamped with old or unnecessary files or content. We’ll work with you to remove any and all outdated items including trash files, old page revisions and more.

Compress Image Files

Compress Image Files

Images are a main cause for slow website speed due to the fact that they are naturally byte heavy if they aren’t properly resized for website use. Through using an image compression plugin, we'll ensure your images become fully optimized which will significantly improve your load time.

Underperforming Plugins

Underperforming Plugins

Sure, plugins will enhance your website’s functionalities but, with an underwhelming plugin, your resources will be strained and your site speed juice will be slow. We'll spot any mediocre plugins and happily suggest high-performing alternatives.

Bad Webpage Requests

Bad Webpage Requests

Are your visitors landing on pages with broken links or non-existing pages? If so, those items need to either be deleted or fixed. Content that has been moved or is no longer available will delay your users from accessing resources. Returning a visitor to a 404 not found error page slows down the user experience and we’ll work with you to remedy these issues.

Eliminating Hack Attacks

Eliminating Hack Attacks

It’s common for Wordpress files such as the wp-login.php or xmlrpc.php to be picked on until hackers obtain access or until the website's memory runs out. We’ll help you avoid this by updating preferences including limiting login attempts and configuring .htaccess to improve website performance.


Do you use plugins to improve website speed?

To optimize a Wordpress website, we utilize various plugins depending on your website’s needs.

Do I need to purchase WP Rocket?

Would using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) help with my website performance?

How will you measure my website’s speed?

What information do you need from me to get started?

Are you able to transfer my website to a new server?

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